Week 18 :)

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Halloooooo!!! So this week I don't really know where it went, it's all
been a bit of a blur hahaha, no really.. It's been SO HOT you would
believe, it's been 30+ all week and the other day it was
like that inside our apartment too, I think the highest was about 36
and these blocks of apartments aren't built for the heat... And it
barely cools down at night too, there's like a 30 minute window, maybe
an hour in the morning where we open all the windows and try let the
'cool' air in and so for that time I do t feel like a roasted potato..
But for the rest of the time yes. The only relief was a few hours on
Saturday when we did weekly planning in the basement of the chapel...
Sooo nice!!! Also we finished it off Sunday night, on the floor of the
kitchen, with the fridge door open... It was still hot :( we also did
studies this morning in the cellar of our apartment block. That was
good. We also tried sleeping at the apartment the elders used to have,
before they were transferred out, we have the key now and make dinner
there sometimes depending on appointments. It was an interesting
adventure, even more interesting when we spent 10 minutes making faces
in the mirror... hahahaha and then still more interesting when we
couldn't find sheets.. Apparently elders don't need them, needless to
say we probably won't be sleeping there again..lol. So then we decided
to TAKE COVER today in the chapel as well today... You know the song
the land down under.. Something something something take cover well
yeah that's us!! But somehow it didn't really work out and now we're
here kinda late and I don't have much to,e to email you... Sorry! But
please, pray I will have a.c in all the public transport...
Otherwise... I may melt... Like a poor little piece of Swiss
cheese.... Hahaha. And side note, the Swiss and their cheese... I love
it! Most of the traditional Swiss dishes are basically we want to eat
cheese, what can we put with it so then there's huge lots of cheese
and things to dip in it. Like would you like some bread with that
cheese? But literally!! So great. There have been so many tender
mercies of the Lord this week, from ac in the 40 minute tram we have
to take to one part of our area, to investigators giving us juices to
take with us, to blessed shade to members spraying us with a hose,
lightly haha. And the other night I was just lying in bed thinking and
praying and I felt this incredible peace just wash over me, it's so
hard to put it into words, it was like light and joy and calm. Like
the Saviour calmed the seas of Galilee, He calmed and soothed my soul.
There's a lot of things to worry about as a missionary, the more you
learn the more you learn you have to learn but as you realize, like
the people of King Benjamin that you are less than the dust of the
Earth, that you need your Saviour, your Heavenly Father, you realize
how much they love you and their love is endless, all encompassing,
all knowing, greater and more magnificent than we could ever imagine!!
And I know they love us, they love me and you, personally:) I am so
grateful for this!! And for you all too, I love you so much xoxoxo

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