Week 17 :)

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Hoi! How are you all? That’s a Swiss greeting by the way haha. So transfers……. WE ARE BOTH STAYING!!! Ahhhh we were so happy to find that out! Sadly we are no longer the sister training leaders but sister p and sister z are gonna do an incredible job!! We have such a great district!! Have I said that yet? The sisters and the elders, elder I and elder b awesome great 🙂 so a scripture from this week I loved was revelations 7:17 that the lord will wipe away our tears :))) he really is there and loves us so much!! And the Book of Mormon really does bring POWER into my life and into the lives of those who read it! Scripture power! Also the power of prayer and the priesthood! Our investigator who has a baptismal date has just quit smoking, he’s never tried before and our joint teach gave him a blessing for strength and health from head to toe- and he’s being praying for strength and we have been praying for him too, and he said he feel stronger and some sort of good feeling and he’s doing so great!!! We had an experience this week that taught me the importance of not just talking and being a good example but inviting! We spoke to this great guy on the train but didn’t have time- we should have made time- to invite him to learn about the gospel.. We felt so bad! As we walked home we saw another lady and we were like okay first step godly sorrow, next be better! So we spoke to here and she was open to learn more and took a Book of Mormon and said we could call 🙂 we had made  that day to find two people that could become investigators- potentials and we found one that lady, for all we know he could have been the other but we didn’t ask!! So make sure to invite and I will be too :)And I had a really wonderful opportunity to bear my testimony of the savior to one of our investigators who is struggling with faith at the moment and as I read from the song I know that my redeemer lives the spirit testified to me that he really does live and love me, to silence all my fears to wipe away my tears to comfort me when faint to hear my sound complaint HE LIVES spread the
good news! He lives and loves me and you!! Also funny Story.. So we have these pigeons that keep coming back to our balcony. Every morning at 8:20 during personal study its coo coo cooo ahhhhhh so sister P throws water on them.. So we basically just relive Peter rabbit and mr mcgregor but it’s Peter pigeon and sister mcgregor.. Tehehehe lol. We
also watched spiritual crocodiles the full one the other night with popcorn.. Poor sister P was traumatized 🙂 haha but movie night!  Also mosiah 18:21. Hearts knit together in love and unity:) that’s us! That’s what we’ll make the world like!! One person at a time 🙂 that sounds slightly terrifying haha but we have the power to shake the world! The power of Good the power of God and no power of earth or hell can take that away! I love you all with all my heart, it is full of joy and love and peace and all good things 🙂
l️ove you all xx


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