Week 16

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Hi everyone!! Guess what! We got iPads this week!!!!!! It's way
exciting and way scary, sister pentz and I have been praying for how
we can best use them to help the people we work with and its hard to
not be distracting and what not but we have a new thing where we
always ask each other how it's helping us fulfil our purpose and its
working well! Also exciting thing about the iPad's is that they have
auto correct!!!! Yay lol. So German update: I made a phone call in
German to confirm a joint teach appointment and I did it in perfect
grammar!!!!! Also I was talking to this lovely couple on the train and
they looked a little confused for a second and then they asked.. What
kind of a dialect is that? And I was like uhh accent.. Australian!
Hahahaha. And then I had the weirdest dream, last night butttt I was
speaking in German and so were others in it!! Way exciting :) not
quite up to sister pentz reciting my purpose as a missionary in German
in her sleep hehehehe but getting there!! Also with the iPad's been
looking at way cool Mormon messages and I love courage, and a mothers
hope atm, and also daughters of God :) I loveeee alma 26 at the
moment, especially vs 7 we are all in his hands and he loves us so
much!! This week was amazinggggggg Bruder A, the Muslim man who
was spoken to twice and he wanted to learn more in between and he's
been reading and praying and feeling the spirit so much and coming to
church.. He has a baptismal date!! July 25th :)))))))) we're way
excited!!!! And the most spiritual lesson with the part member
family, Dav the dad isn't a member and missionaries have been going
there for years and he's always not been interested but now as he puts
it is the time!!! We asked him about baptism last time and he came to
the baptism of the bishops son and he looked so peaceful afterwards we
just knew he'd made the choice to be baptized! And then at the lesson
we were reading in 2 nephi 31 and it was crazy wit the kids we even
had to read it twice and then he was quiet and all of a sudden says...
I know I need to be baptized and who will baptize me, then it was so
quiet and we asked if we could know who and he looks at our joint
teach, our ward mission leader he's incredible btw Bruder N and
says you. And he was like I know it's so weird I barely know you and
Bruder N said he knew that Dav was going to say it just
before he did and we asked when he'd made the decision and he said
after the baptism on Sunday! And we told him how we could see that on
his face and him and Bruder N hugged and it was so beautiful!!
And his wife's face was so happy! Literally pure joy :))) and
she was so happy because he's doing it for him and not for her! And
Mat the son wants to go on a mission! And it was so special, at
the end we all knelt to pray and he didn't want to pray in front of
everyone yet and he just looks at sister pentz and I and says one of
you say it, You started it! Haha it's so wonderful to be a small part
I the lords work! He's really hastening it and we're you know running
along behind trying to keep up but he's just strengthening us and
helping us so much! And yes transfer call are this week so I'll know
by next email but ahhh I want to stay here soooo much!!!!!! A I love you all! 
The book is blue, the church is true and God loves us all so very very much!!

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