Week 13




We climbed Mount Pelatus for 3 and a half hours up and a couple to walk well.. run hehe back down. we did take a cable car for like 5 mins at the very top since were not allowed to rock climb haha. Mission is really a place where amazing things happen, i literally know there are angels round about us, bearing us up when we have a hard day, that Jesus literally weeps with us when we cry for our investigators and that you all pray for me! i was praying once, firday night and it had been pretty hard and i just saw in my mind you all standing in a circle praying for me and yeah its pretty amazing. we try so hard to live with the spirit that we have some really incredible experiences! At night i like drop dead asleep on my pillow and roll out of bed when the alarm goes in the morning.

On Saturday night 9pm got a call asking me to give a talk the next day on the gift of the holy ghost. IN GERMAN. By the time we got home and did planning and i was ready for bed i had like 10/15 mins and then 5 mins in the morning.. but you know, i wasnt worried! i really felt the peace promised in john 14 27 that i even quoted in my talk haha, i really didnt worry, i was like why am i not worrying more?? haha i mean i was nervous but not crazy so and the words just seemed to come and then afterwards so many people said lovely things about it and my german too!! soo happy :))))) The Lord is totally there, to lift the burdens we have, not to make them go away, otherwise what would be the point of life?? but to lift them, lighten them and to help us carry them! And our dearest Father in Heaven, He sends his angels to bear us up, and i feel this! i feel him strengthening me 🙂 so some scriptures, d and c 88 67 i love how we can be filled with light and then i read today in ether 12 6 about a brightness of hope. faith and hope in Christ bringing light into our lives because He is the light and the life of the world! also Joseph Smith saw a pillar of light directly above his head, just as the darkness threatened to overwhelm him, so often this is the case for us too. just as we can do no more the light comes and it is so glorious!!! got a funny text from a guy we contacted on the train and gave a pass a long card too who wanted to meet up with me because he was ‘intrigued by our encounter’ lol please you don’t encounter a sister! you encounter a snake! or spider! pls you have the wonderful opportunity to meet a sister! lol jks but funny texts haha. hmm oh one of our investigators tried to drop us and wouldn’t text back and we¨d been praying so hard and i was just praying again so hard in my heart and literally as i asked the phone went ting and he texted! and i shared a scripture with the lovely lady that we met who said that it was just perfect and touched her heart and as i bore my personal testimony or it the Lord re-testified it to me and yeah. its so incredible to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord! i love it! so dont worry, be happy 🙂 and smile God loves you!


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