Week 10

This week has been incredible, its been hard when people don’t answer their phones or cancel on us but there is really no greater work. we just have to take the good with the bad and the good days are better when we have bad days. Also a joke about Switzerland.. what’s so great about Switzerland? i don’t know but the flag is a big plus.. hahahaha — get it ??? The flags are everywhere!! they’re so patriotic i love it 🙂 i love Switzerland!!! im so blessed to be here 🙂 i just love being a missionary, it makes me so happy and people notice!! they even agree to meet with us because we look happy, because they can see the joy of the gospel in our lives and they want it! so be happy, make the choice today to turn that frown upside down and smile that frown away or however the song goes haha. it makes a difference! i love reading about Nephi! he has so much faith and so much go out and get it done. and so much joy! he is always rejoicing! and he isnt afraid to admit he made mistakes, like he just said and it came to pass i broke my bow. but he prays and follows his leader- his father and the liahona – the scriptures and goes out and gets stuff done!!! he’s so amazing!!!!!! i love life and sharing the gospel and sharing my testimony, i feel so blessed!!!!!! also one of our investigators wrote us a song this week- hes a composer and it is so beautiful!!!! he called it sisters of light, and it just describes for me the spirit, its so amazing! its so peaceful and really full of light!!! i love you all!! my heart is full of joy and peace and love, all the good things that come from God 🙂 i love you all! xoxoxox

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