Week 9 !!!

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Hi !!! So we made an appointment right in the middle of our pday (haha – you never stop being a missionary right!) and there was no time for emails and cleaning and shopping but we’ve got it all done and it was so good to be able to visit!! it was so lovely šŸ™‚ I really want to say something about Elder Bednar and just that whole weekend when he came to visit, because it was so amazing!! The train ride is about 5 or 6 hours and there was just more and more missionaries- there was like 85 from switzerland and then there’s about 240 of us altogether and ohhhh it was incredible!!!! all the joy of reunions and just returning together like Alma and Ammon rejoicing that we’re all still brethren- and sisters haha- in the Lord šŸ™‚

On the train we were worried we were too loud but this man we were talking to commented on our ruhig ausstellung- like peaceful countenances :)))) and then Elder Bednar was so amazing! so we were a little expecting that the meeting would be really focused on ipads but the first thing he said was ‘this meeting is not about ipads’ and although we did talk about that he asked us what we thought when we said that and as the meeting progressed and the different things we talked about, I just had such a strong testimony that everything really is about the Saviour and His Atonement!

We can achieve nothing without Him but He loves us beyond comprehension, its so incredible!!!! I also loved how interactive he was, like someone would stand up and answer and would just say, can i ask you a question or can i just say something and he was so humble!!!! – just the Spirit that he brought and how he taught was incredible!!! i loved particularly a couple of things he said “what’s good, stays the same forever”- only God!!! we have to be agents that use agency to act! for good šŸ™‚ also about bearing testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith and the power of that, and then at the end he just spoke for 30 mins, just 30 mins of apostles thought stream, what he’s learnt and what he shared with us using the first 5 articles of faith about the nature of God and the Plan of Salvation, the fall of Adam, our own fall, the role of the Atonement, the principles and ordinances of the Gospel and Priesthood authority. also about trust, how it is no small thing to have the Lord and His anointed servants trust us, and wow the Lord He really trusts us, its such a huge blessing and I need to trust Him more!!! and this what our mission president sent to us about one of the things to remember its just wowww- “Therefore, in the ordinances thereof, the power of godliness is manifest. And without the ordinances thereof, and the authority of the priesthood, the power of godliness is not manifest unto me in the flesh” but my absolute favourite part was his testimony, his powerful pure testimony oh it was wonderful! and we sang called to serve auf Deutsch with our whole mission and ahhhh I just love it, I can’t describe the love and joy I feel! Just being a missionary seriously – i laugh and smile- mostly at myself, funny german- i said in a prayer bless that we will create our train instead of catch- note to self erschaffen is create schaffen is catch lol. Something about missionaries makes people seem to open up to us and i have heard so many sad stories but i know that the Atonement can make all of these things right, all things unfair right and us right too. He sanctifies us and cleanses us. Through his grace we are saved- after all we can do. so just everyday lets be a little better, a little more like Christ.

Love Sister Burgess xx


One thought on “Week 9 !!!

  1. Love reading your posts they make me feel happy also knowing your enjoying your mission is always good to know too and such beautiful pictures x love you aunty Pam x


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