Week 7 – First week in the Mission Field

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So my first area in Mission lingo where I was Born is Aarau- we live in Olten though and my trainer- my ‘mum’ is Sister Pentz 🙂 They are both incredible!!!!!!! I love it so much. These last couple of days have been so amazing !! So we found one potential investigator and we were just checking an address and this other person was right there and so we just stopped him and talked to him and he kept being like echt and wirklich which is like for reals? really? like you want to teach me and help me? and you’re going to give me this book? and he was like reaching out for  it and then he was saying he’s a catholic but he has lost his faith and feels like a lost sheep and maybe this book can help, and then he texted us and asked if we were angels… so that made us happy lol we were like no… but we are messengers of God called by a Prophet! and its interesting because I was emailing mum about that just last week! and then he read the chapters we gave him and he said they’re like a light and he wants to Keep them in his heart and it was incredible! Although all in German… so thank goodness for my Trainer haha. but she keeps telling me that my German is so good for like 4 days here and all the members are seriously the sweetest, I had to bear my testimony this Sunday and they were actually just so nice and everyone in Switzerland thinks Australia is the greatest haha and since we spend soo much time on trains it makes for good conversation starters haha. We’ve been sharing the about the Book of Mormon a lot and I have such  testimony of it. It is sooooo incredible!! It was sad to say goodbye the the MTC and everyone but as Elder Uchtdorf says ‘there are no true endings, only everlasting beginnings’ and its the best and so true and I’m so excited for all these beginnings!!!! I absolutely love it here. It is so hard, and sometimes when the Alarm clock goes off i just want to roll over and sleep but we get up and have exercise in the cute park across and study and teach- and cook super yummy Food. and I am so blessed to be  representative of Christ here. It is the best thing ever. The hardest thing I’ve ever loved to do for reals but oh the love in inexpressible- it manifests in this ridiculous smile- so many People have commented on our ‘strahlen’ which means both smile and shine and I like to think what People can see is both, the joy and light and love of the Gospel! this week share that with someone, anyone, the first time is the hardest but just do it, ahh we are so so blessed- everyone in the world deserves the happiness we feel! I’m loving Mosiah 4 at the moment and also the beginning of the Book of Mormon. if you haven’t started or aren’t reading at the moment please do! I promise it will bless your life and bring you joy and happiness beyond anything this world offers 🙂 I love you all so very very much and send hugs hugs and liebe grusse over emails and the internets 🙂 loveee you! xoxox


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