Week 3- Stern Madchen

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The latest email from Sister Rachel Burgess.

“Hey all! so the title for this week means star girl! because.. well we all know I love stickers and it must have rubbed off to my companion so she bought these star stickers and we’ve been putting them everywhere.. including my glasses.. hahaha so thats a little fun 🙂 So funny story .. Sister gardener and I were just made sister training leaders and so we look after the sisters and one of the new ones has been pretty sick and jet lagged so we were helping her with that but then we were a little late for a lesson so we tried to explain in German that she had a stomach ache and we said.. baumschmertz.. instead of bauchschmertz.. which means tree pain.. hahahahahaha the teacher had to try so hard to not crack up and stay in character and then when we got out and looked up what we had said we just about died of laughter rolling around on the floor. IT WAS A HAD TO BE THERE MOMENT OKAY!! There is never enough time for everything, it makes me appreciate time so much more! Don’t waste a single second; don’t count the days make the days count! I’m also starting to love planning so very much.. we even planned every second of our p day haha. its good and then you can tick things off and happiness!! haha. also been making language study plans, so funsies 🙂 our teachers are the best. they have incredible advice and they’re seriously some of the funniest people i’ve ever met. I never imagined a mission would be this hard, but also that it would be this fun- this much joy in all I do. we had an incredible lesson with one of our investigators the other day on the first visions, and when we talked about why we were here to teach i really felt the spirit, i know exactly why im here. ihr ziel ist: andere eiinladen zu Chistus zu kommen: our purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ. We will be pushed to the limit but i know without a doubt we are never EVER alone. Unser Himmlischer Vater ist immer da: our Heavenly Father is always there ❤ love you all – Sister Burgess xox”


6 thoughts on “Week 3- Stern Madchen

  1. This Is Malisalee Gardner, Sister Calee Gardner’s mother. What a delight to read Sister Burgess’s letters. We are so grateful for such a wonderful companion for our daughter. It sounds like they are working hard and finding joy in it. Wonderful!


    • Thank you very much. We are happy that your daughter is our daughters companion and are grateful for her example to her. We enjoy looking at Sister Calee Gardner blog too and also looking at the photos. Maybe they will be companions later in their mission,you never know! Love the Burgess Family.

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  2. Sister Burgess,
    It’s so lovely to hear from you each week! We all miss you very much but are so excited for all your adventures that await you. Keep well,
    Lots of love
    Roberts Family

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