Week 2- LIEBE

Hi lovely people,

Thank you so much for the emails! This week has been incredible, I’ve  learnt so much about love. As missionaries we are blessed with christlike love and i feel that so much! i used to think the expression ‘my heart is full’ was weird but i finally understand haha. My heart is really full of love for everyone, my companion, my district just all people. My favourite moment this week was up at the temple grounds with my district and we were all speaking about the peace and joy of missions and temple and the Spirit was so strong and we sang i love to see the temple and it was beautiful and i wish i could capture that feeling and spread it everywhere for everyone. it was amazing, incredible, indescribable. Favourite scripture of the week would be maybe james 1:2-4 , it made me happy and feel the spirit and i just feel that so much here! I just want you all to know how much i love and do miss you but i know why im here and i know why im staying. i know God lives and i know He loves us. i know Jesus suffered for us and through Him we can have joy and peace and happiness as families forever! love you forever and always – Sister Burgess (ps i will email more the next week but i have been so blessed- as i put in the work and effort too, the Church is true and God loves you!) xoxoxox

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