Week 1- Geduld

SAM_1141  rachey

An email from Sister Rachel Burgess

“Guten Tag!! Hi lovely people!! so ive almost been here one week and its been CRAZY. its a complete rollercoaster, one moment its so hard its almost all you can do not to cry and the next you feel so much joy and peace and happiness! ive really learnt that its so worth it though! german is so hard! but i just love it so much, the words make sense.. like dispensations is Evangeliumzeit- literally time of the gospel so i like that! but its hard to take what we learn in lessons to apply with our investigator peter that we started teaching on saturday i think.. time just blurs into one here, i barely know the date never mind the day of the week. days really do feel like weeks and weeks like days! seriously the schedule here is crazy!!!!! up, get ready, breakfast, study, more study, german, more pmg, luch, more study, more german, more doctrine just SO MUCH!  but its so good!!!!!!!! ahh its so impossible to describe in just one email how much ive learnt in just this one week. its truly amazing the spirit here is so strong. we were able to go to asda today to get some stuff and it was so weird being back in the ‘real’ world! so i got over my jet lag pretty quick  but my comp took a little longer so that was hard for her. so her names sister gardner shes from lindon utah idk if thats the spelling.  shes super cute little american haha we get along really well. i think we both have little things that annoy each other but you know, when you have to be within sight and sound of someone for 24hrs a day thats bound to happen. you know i get super antsy and touchy with like fiddling and moving she does it all the time and its so funny she doesnt even realise it but oh shes taught me so much! shes so conscientious and loving and oh shes just fab! and she doesnt hate me! so thats good! okay so the mtc. its amazing. president preston is just the loveliest and so’s his wife and so’s his counsellor and his wife pres. and sister durkin. we have about 45 missionaries in the whole mtc and 5 of them are sisters! the other three sisters are sister cheve from france, sister andersson from finland, and sister stein from the netherlands. theyre super funny and i love them to bits but theyre only here for two weeks so they leave next week. most of the missionaries here got here same time as me but there are maybe 3 who have been here for 6 weeks and have 3 left cos they learnign greek so beksie if you get to go there you get to come here!!!! so my district is just amazing i love them so much!! theres me and sister gardner, elder erickson and elder mantel and theres elder mcarthur, elder mcdaniel and elder gappmeyer. we sing ALL  the time cos sister gardner and elder erickson are freaking awesome at it and we sing auf deutsch so thats fun! we also pray in german and we have a program called syl which is speak your language so basically we try speak german all the time! und meine kopf explodiert! my head explodes that is.. because oh so much learning! my teachers are amazing also. theres one other elder from aus an elder corcoran or something and i met him in dubai then lost him again till manchester. but hes nice, different distrcit so i dont see much of him but its nice to hear an occasional aussie among all the americans- oh yeah all my district are from america so thats fun! theyre so funny we have the best times and so many spiritual and so many funny things but i think maybe theyre just so funny because we’re so tired and so in learning mode all the time that any reason to laugh is a good one. so ive been doing so well not crying but i did after our lesson with peter last night, it went well! but my german was so bad and sister gardners so good . he pushes us until we literally can give no more, till we have done all we can do- then he will lift us up higher that we could ever go alone. in our first lesson we tried to invite peter to be baptised but we forgot the word.. so we were trying to like describe it by saying klke unter der wasser- under the water, and Heiligen Geist kommt ein Vogel- Holy Ghost came like a bird.. yeah twas fun! at least looking back.. haha hindsight is a wonderful thing! so one of the few things we could say is Gott lieben Sie which is God loves you so pretty sure we said that like 13/14 times but thats okay because He does!! He loves us all. I have such a testimony of that, He really is looking out for us all. its the Lord’s time we have so I dont want to waste a single second! ahh theres just so much to say and not enough email time haha but i just want you all to know i love you so much and im so grateful for your prayers and love. so thank you <3. oh and the title- geduld- it means patience and thats our motto! so yeah. funny hey 😉 because we all know what my greatest attribute is..  NOT THAT hahahahahaha anyways. The Lord works in mysterious ways! haha but yeah i just love the mtc and the Lord and you and my companion and my district and life! lots of love sister burgess … anyways hugs and kisses xoxoxox”


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