Her First Email

Sister Rachel Burgess​ is settling well into the MTC life and in her email stated- “Seriously so many i cant even count- being a missionary is awesome!!!!!!!! so i just got my badge so now i feel real hehe its awesome 🙂 and my little white handbook but everything is in german lol probs should have expected that but oh wells soon i shall know it! had my interview with one of the mtc presidency – President Durkin, he was so lovely and it was fab and everything is fab! the flight was actually surprisingly okay too haha like the food was so yum! and i slept so much on the first flight and napped heaps on the second so i had basicallly like 24hr night punctuated with like a bazillion meals haha. England is cold guys!! so cold!! like 6 degrees cold 😦 but its so fresh and pretty and well kinda grey but a little bit of blue! and the houses are all the same and there’s so many fields and bare trees and daffodils and GUYS it SMELLS LIKE ENGLAND … ps please let people know I’m not ignoring its just today I’m only allowed to email you”.


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